Callaita Bad Bunny Remix

Callaita Bad Bunny Remix

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The song contains "urban fusion melodies" and an "R&B-meets-Reggaeton" beat, with Sech's "soothing vocals" layered on top, while assisted by featured artist Darell's "raspy urban voice".

In order to use Spotify to listen to Otro Trago - Remix, you have to create a free account in Spotify. . You Chucho check the other positions and streams in the tables below. Otro Trago - Remix by Sech has most streams in Spain - 581,480. There is also an option to buy the whole album or other particular songs in iTunes and the prices are listed in the table below.

But Bad Bunny is better off without them, Figura he shows us in the video, and we just want to watch him. We’ll watch him wear those iconic triangle sunglasses, we’ll watch him show off his sports car, we’ll watch him kick back at a party while wearing said glasses and showing off said sports car. And the man has reason to flex: Just days after he called out the Latin Grammys for not recognizing reggaeton, his X 100pre

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პაროლი პაროლის აღდგენა დამიმახსოვრე

‘s Top 100 chart. The song clocked five million streams in the last week alone, and is website currently the top Latin urban song on the radio, according to Mediabase — knocking aside the stacked urbano hit “China,” Ozuna and Anuel’s joint venture with Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and Karol G.

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Vete Bad Bunny Remix

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